Truck accidents can be devastating — not only regarding damage to property, but also serious injuries to people as well. The size and weight of a semi truck play a big role in the level of damage the truck causes in a collision, as does the cargo being transported, cargo that can become its own risk. Heavy or dangerous cargo that becomes dislodged from the truck can result in even more severe damage and devastating injuries.

At The Rain Law Firm, you are not just a number to us. Our personal injury attorneys give every case the attention it deserves and will work diligently to find creative solutions to get you the compensation you deserve. We want to help you receive the best outcome possible for your truck accident injury claim — and with their 55 years of combined experience, you can rely on our attorneys to fight to get you what you deserve.

How Do Semi-Truck Accidents Differ From Car Crashes?

An accident involving a commercial vehicle such as a semi truck can differ in many ways from a traditional car accident and is often more complicated. Truck accident cases:

  • Involve more parties — Since you are dealing with an accident involving a commercial vehicle, you will most likely be involved in a claim with both the trucking company and the company that insures it.
  • Have more complicated causation factors — Many factors can lead to a semi truck causing an accident. While typical car accidents often relate to speed, distraction or road conditions, a lot of other factors can lead to a truck collision.
  • Often depend on expert testimony and re-enactments — Due to the complexity of causation and the damage that is often caused during a truck accident, a court case will often require re-enactments or expert testimony to describe the events that led to the accident or why the accident could or could not have been prevented.

A personal injury truck accident lawyer can help you secure witness testimony and prepare you for evidence the insurance company and trucking company may present. They can also handle insurance company investigators and assist with finding investigators of their own to secure a solid case.

We Fight For The Rights Of Truck Accident Victims

The experienced attorneys at The Rain Law Firm can fight for your rights as a victim and help you get the monetary compensation you will need to cover your medical bills, time off work and future care for injuries you or your family may have suffered. We will deal with the trucking and insurance companies on your behalf to protect your rights and make sure you are adequately represented throughout the process.

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