Having your personal property stolen is bad enough, but if the insurance companies that should be helping you put up roadblocks instead, life gets even more challenging. These insurers have happily accepted your premiums, so how is their refusal to pay out on a burglary claim any different from the thief's original act of theft?

Although insurance companies have some leeway in deciding whether to deny a claim, there are limitations. At The Rain Law Firm, our property insurance claims attorneys work to stop your policy provider from taking advantage of the rules unfairly. Our Hollywood, Florida, team is dedicated to making the claims process less aggravating for clients who need anything but another hassle in their lives.

Why Legal Claims Assistance Is Essential After Theft

Burglaries pose the risk of serious losses. Criminals are more likely to steal high-value items, and in some cases, you'll sustain collateral damage from vandalism or break-ins. With some thefts, such as those that target electronic devices, you could also lose data that bears sentimental or financial value. Your insurer, however, might resist your attempts to gain compensation for your losses by claiming that:

  • The property in question wasn't worth what you requested.
  • Your claim was fraudulent.
  • You didn't follow proper filing procedures.

While a denial isn't the final word, the outcome ultimately depends on the steps you take to resolve the issue. Our lawyers have 55 years of combined experience helping property owners strategize the best game plan for recouping their losses and making sure that their insurance companies do what they should.

Talk To Us About Improving Your Insurance Outcome

Surviving a theft or burglary is a harrowing experience, even if your safety wasn't physically threatened. When you're trying to get your life back together, it can be hard to deal with things like managing a case, keeping up with complicated filing procedures and gathering the evidence your policy provider is pestering you for.

At The Rain Law Firm, we firmly believe that vandalism and burglary claims should be handled with personal attention and diligent care, so we apply our legal knowledge to each case we take on individually. We're eager to help you deal with your insurer, so call our burglary claims attorneys at 855-330-RAIN or 855-368-8956 or contact us online to learn more.