Home and commercial property owners may discover that getting compensated for a water damage claim can be tricky business. Although most policies cover such losses, the difference between calling a broken pipe "water damage" and a "flood" can lead to an unwelcome surprise.

Many policies draw distinctions based on where the water originated and how it impacted the structure. For more practical purposes, big insurance companies may use these technicalities to deny or grossly underpay your claim.

At The Rain Law Firm, our experienced property insurance claim attorneys are all too familiar with the unethical business practices big insurance companies use to protect their bottom line. As a Hollywood, Florida, firm that protects the rights and interests of property owners across the country, our legal team will work to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Is The Difference Between A Flood And Water Damage Claim?

Insurance companies often draw a distinction between flooding and simple water damage. Flood insurance often involves additional coverage or a separate policy altogether. Drawing a line between the impact of a burst pipe or leaky roof and rising waters from severe weather means additional premium money for these insurance giants.

Water damage is generally understood as moisture that originates above ground. A backed-up toilet or torn shingles that allow penetration usually qualify. Rising water from outside the property often requires additional coverage for compensation. There are gray areas such as underground pipes and drains that may create a legitimate dispute requiring litigation.

The more difficult aspect of the water damage claims process may be assessing the total loss and getting full, fair compensation from your insurer. This may include mold growth, which can develop behind walls and under flooring. The total cost of remediation can be high and it's often not discovered until long after the initial claim has been concluded. That's why it's important to have an attorney who understands the potential long-term implications help you with your water damage and burst pipe claims.

Work With An Experienced Florida Water Damage Lawyer

While the law does not mandate that an attorney assist with your claim, having an experienced insurance claims lawyer on your side can definitely help protect your financial security.

If you have suffered water damage due to a burst pipe, call The Rain Law Firm at 855-330-RAIN or 855-368-8956, or contact us online today for help. Our broken pipe water damage claims attorneys will fight to get you the full, fair compensation you deserve from your insurer.