Commercial property damage does more than just turn a business owner's hair gray prematurely: It compromises the business's ability to function and threatens to sink the business model. Unfortunately, many business owners don't understand how to exercise their rights as insurance claimants.

Filing a commercial property insurance claim shouldn't be a venture into the unknown. At The Rain Law Firm, our property insurance claims attorneys have spent decades making it rain for happy business owners in Hollywood, Florida, and beyond. We're known across the country for obtaining positive results and treating each of our clients with unparalleled personal attention.

In Pursuit Of Better Insurance Outcomes

What happens after you file a claim? For many businesses that depend on insurance to help them stay afloat after suffering damage, the process can seem almost nightmarish. Even though you think you did everything you were supposed to, your policy provider can still deny you for any number of reasons, valid or not. For instance, it might allege that you committed fraud, didn't file a timely claim or filed for something that wasn't covered. While you can send a formal appeal, you may also have the right to file a lawsuit if the insurer denied your claim in bad faith, including cases where your insurer:

  • Tried to unfairly delay or impede your benefits
  • Disregarded evidence
  • Lied, omitted or misrepresented facts
  • Refused its responsibility to conduct a thorough investigation

Bad faith insurer actions can ruin businesses that depend on policy payouts to stay afloat. Our lawyers are passionate about helping you find solid legal ground that lets you fight back. By reviewing your case in detail and helping you prepare a lawsuit, we make it easier to protect your commercial property when your insurance company falls short of its promises.

Representing Aggrieved Commercial Property Insureds Nationwide

Why talk to a commercial property damage claims lawyer about your commercial insurance claim? Even if you don't anticipate your insurer acting in bad faith, professional representation helps you stay ready for the worst. In some cases, the mere fact that you have someone willing to go to bat for you and back up your arguments with documented, well-organized evidence may be enough to convince your insurer that it's in the wrong.

Call 855-368-8956 or 855-330-RAIN to speak with a lawyer at The Rain Law Firm, or fill out this simple form to contact us online. Your commercial property disaster doesn't have to set the tone for your company's future — we can help you secure a better outcome for you and your enterprise.