You insure your company assets to help you get through a disaster. But what's protecting your business model itself? Commercial losses do more than compromise your equipment and facilities; they also stop you from doing business, and this can be the worst setback of all.

The Rain Law Firm's commercial property claims attorneys believe in equipping business owners with the legal tools to bounce back from an interruption in the business. We come to the aid of clients near our Hollywood, Florida, home base and other locations nationwide to ensure that being temporarily out of commission doesn't mean permanently sacrificing their business goals. We've been making it rain for companies since 2012 and we look forward to empowering your quest for the compensation you deserve.

How Is Interruption Coverage Supposed To Work?

Business interruption coverage helps protect you from losses that you'd incur while you're unable to function normally. For instance, if extreme weather damages your retail building, this form of insurance could help you offset your losses until you complete the repairs and regain the ability to accommodate customers. These policies reflect many diverse factors, including:

  • Calculations that determine your normal profits and expenses
  • Your ability to prove your loss
  • Whether you followed requirements such as filing police reports, placing your claim promptly and protecting the property from additional damage

Business interruption insurance claims can be complex because they don't cover just standard property losses. Insurers may want you to jump through a lot of hoops while you're trying to get back on your feet, so getting help from an attorney may make it easier to move your claim along successfully. We're passionate about helping you thrive and minimize your losses when it seems like things aren't going to proceed smoothly.

When Claims Aren't Guaranteed, Legal Representation Can Help

Your insurer might respond to your claim in various ways, such as denying you on a technicality or paying less than you need to recover. If your claim is delayed or handled insufficiently, you could sacrifice even more potential business value while you wait around to resolve the issue.

Talk to a lawyer by connecting with The Rain Law Firm at 855-368-8956 or 855-330-RAIN, or feel free to contact us online today. For decades, we've made it our business to help claimants overcome business interruptions by holding insurance companies accountable. Whether you're just filing a claim or taking a policy provider to court, you can depend on our knowledge to help.