Hurricanes, strong storms and severe weather can cause tremendous flooding. Fast-rising water can overwhelm street drains and damage homes. Your once comfortable living space can suffer extensive damage and end up being a total loss.

Although many property owners take out flood damage insurance for financial security, getting fully compensated from an insurance company for flood damage can be an uphill battle. Big insurance companies are happy to turn a profit on your monthly premiums and all too often, they resist fairly paying out on valid claims.

At The Rain Law Firm, our experienced property insurance claims attorneys understand the methods that unscrupulous insurance companies employ to deny rightful claims. We know how to hold them accountable in your time of need. As a Hollywood, Florida, firm that handles nationwide flood claims, our team of professionals knows how to aggressively represent your rights and interests.

What You Should Know About Flood Insurance

While not everyone is mandated to carry flood insurance, the annual extreme weather damage that Floridians suffer makes it a wise policy to consider. Those who live in a special flood hazard area (SFHA) may be federally mandated to carry a policy. Many mortgage lenders and even landlords may insist on such policies.

Most standard homeowners policies cover water damage caused by incidents inside the building. Things such as burst pipes or toilets that overflow may be covered while the impact of a storm may not. This situation can be extremely problematic for people living in Florida and other areas prone to severe weather.

Once water penetrates a building, it can threaten the structural integrity of materials. Moisture can spur the growth of dangerous molds behind walls and under flooring. These may not be immediately detected following a water incident. Having flood insurance can provide a valuable financial resource for remediation.

But property owners often face a difficult claims process when filing for water damage compensation. Insurers see these claims as detrimental to their profits and often resist — denials based on technicalities and attempts to underpay are common practices that shouldn't go unchecked. That's why it's important to work with an experienced flood insurance law firm to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Work With An Experienced Florida Flood Damage Lawyer

While the law does not require that you have an attorney to assist with your claim, the tactics of unethical insurance giants highlight the importance of having an experienced attorney to protect your financial interests.

If you have suffered a flood damage loss, call The Rain Law Firm at 855-330-RAIN or 855-368-8956 for help. You may also reach out to us online. Our Florida flood damage claim lawyers will fight to get you the compensation you deserve from insurance companies.