Ask any homeowner what his or her biggest frustration is with insurance coverage or warranty protection and the answer will unequivocally be claims processing — and for good reason! Businesses that provide protection coverage and warranty protection know that rigorously screening claims and making it difficult and inconvenient to propel a claim through the system can save a lot. Many times, $10 can be saved for every dollar that is actually paid out. And that means a lot of valid claims go by the wayside or end up being addressed by consumers out of pocket because they do not want to deal with the headaches and delays of the bureaucratic process of claim filing after months of tedious procedures and endless phone calls with many unanswered inquiries.

Unfortunately, having home insurance is a must in many situations, especially if a home is financed through a mortgage. A home warranty from a builder is a necessity to ensure at least the basics so that the structure is addressed properly from the start. These concerns are necessary legalities that both the consumer and the homeowner should address to make progress on the matter.

How Can An Attorney Assist With My Homeowners Claim?

Fortunately, there's another alternative that can level the playing field. Bringing a qualified home insurance claim attorney into the mix does more than just give you a voice to communicate to insurance companies. The expertise a claims attorney brings to the table forces insurance providers to communicate as well as to provide the documentation of commitment and responsibility that they may not want a consumer to know about. Additionally, they can very well be addressed and held accountable for unfairly denying a claim. All of these possibilities make it far more of an incentive for an insurance provider to cooperate than to keep resisting or ignoring a valid claim.

What Is The Best Law Firm In Miami Or Hollywood To Handle My Homeowners Insurance Claim?

If you or someone you know is endlessly chasing a resolution from an insurance provider on a homeowners insurance claim and needs the help of a home insurance claims attorney in Hollywood or Miami, The Rain Law Firm is the one to call. The delay of claims has multiple effects, aside from the company not providing the funds to allow for repair and recovery. It can disrupt your life, especially if you must move out of the home due to the damage about which you are filing a claim. Additionally, the action brings into question what exactly you are paying for in risk protection when a claim does arise, and the insurance provider refuses to respond with an adequate resolution. This could potentially involve fraud and criminal charges as well if the claim is found to be intentionally avoided. Unresolved claims can also have adverse effects on a neighborhood, impacting the quality of life in an immediate area if the provider does not fulfill its obligation to insure a protected home.

The Rain Law Firm can provide proactive representation and advocacy that stops delays and begins the proper responses so your recovery can begin immediately. There is no reason why a consumer should be settling for less, especially when an insurance provider has a valid obligation to meet in a case. Call the Rain Law Firm at 855-368-8956 or 855-330-RAIN, or contact us online, to ensure that your homeowners claim is taken seriously by your attorney and your insurance company.

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