Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny mold damage claims, citing tricky wording in their policies. If your insurance company denies your mold damage claim, you need well-established, experienced, knowledgeable lawyers to fight for you.

With 55 years of combined experience, the attorneys at The Rain Law Firm in Hollywood, Florida, enjoy helping aggrieved insureds find creative legal solutions for insurance claim denials. Our property insurance claims attorneys will work diligently with you to achieve the best possible outcome to your mold damage insurance dispute. We will treat you like an individual, not a number, and your case will always get the attention it deserves in pursuit of getting you the results you need.

Mold Exclusions Don't Always Apply

Insurance companies will deny or underpay homeowner claims for compensation due to mold damage if they can find a loophole. They might use policy language that appears to exclude damage due to mold. However, there are legitimate challenges to some denials based on a mold exclusion.

  • Where mold has grown due to a burst water pipe or other sudden water damage, the mold might be considered an "ensuing loss" and could be covered regardless of a mold exclusion.
  • If the mold is a result of certain other damage to your property, it might be considered a covered peril for which the insurer must compensate you.
  • Insurers are legally bound by a good faith covenant and must play fair — or pay.

At The Rain Law Firm, our experienced attorneys can help you work through carefully worded language in your homeowners policy intended to discourage you from filing mold damage claims. We understand how insurance companies try to cite exclusions to avoid compensating you, and we know how to fight them.

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Mold damage can lead to further property damage and health problems. Because insurance companies have lawyers working for them, you need us working for you. From our office in Hollywood, Florida, our mold claims insurance attorneys represent people with mold damage claims throughout the country.

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