Why Is The Roof Leaking In My New House?

Home roofing damage, like many issues with home construction, doesn't typically appear right away. And when it does, trying to deal with a claims issue with home insurance can often be a difficult challenge as coverage parties seek to disassociate themselves with different kinds of issues. It can require a lot of research, patience, a good understanding of and depth in the related technical knowledge, and a bit of resilience in response to the tedious bureaucracy of the claims process.

Who Is Responsible For The Leaking Roof In My New Home?

A roof, no doubt, provides an integral part of a home's protection. It's also what keeps all the walls of a home connected and everything inside sheltered. However, if a roofing layer is not applied correctly, the related construction work doesn't use the right materials, or it suffers damage from an unclear source, it can be quite a hassle trying to get recovery to pay for a replacement. Home builders frequently try to argue that damage found years later is more associated with wear and tear and exposure to the elements than anything done wrong in their construction. Coverage providers also frequently try to quibble about details to get out of paying claims, arguing they are not within the scope of insurance coverage agreed to. In the meantime, a homeowner has to deal with a roof that is exposed to rain, moisture and subsequent water damage.

It doesn't take much for water to do its dirty work once inside. A consistent leak can travel across the inside of a roof, soak insulation and damage lower layers of drywall significantly. By the time the homeowner actually does see a leak inside the home, the damage is already well underway. Hundreds to thousands of dollars in replacement materials and labor will be needed to restore the water-damaged area.

Where Can I Find A Roof Damage Claims Attorney In Hollywood Or Miami?

If your home needs attention due to roof damage and you need a roof damage claims attorney in Hollywood or Miami, call or email The Rain Law Firm. Don't let the damage continue and create even more problems, including health issues for your family. The Rain Law Firm is staffed with legal construction experts who are versed in the law, the technical craft and requirements for the construction industry, and the building code standards for home roofing. They can easily examine a situation, find the root cause and identify who is responsible for roofing damage. There is no need to play a guessing game with a law office out of the phone book or Yellow Pages. Go directly to the experts at The Rain Law Firm and know that your case is being handled the right way from the start.

Your home is not just your shelter; it's a place where you protect your family and your loved ones. Don't let it fall apart because of someone's negligence. Get help to protect your rights and hold those responsible for mistakes accountable for the damage they've caused. Call The Rain Law Firm at 855-368-8956 or 855-330-RAIN, or contact us online today.

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