The weather was at its fiercest — you made it through intact, but unfortunately, your property didn't fare quite as well. Making matters worse, your attempts to file a claim were met with less than complete cooperation from your insurer.

Now that your last resort seems to have failed, what comes next? At The Rain Law Firm, our skilled property insurance claim lawyers have been honing their skills for 55 combined years to answer this very question. We know how tough life can seem when storm damage insurance claims get denied, so we work tirelessly to help people navigate the process and seek legal resolutions when the usual methods fail.

When Storm Damage Coverage Doesn't Come Through

Storm damage can include many catastrophes related to rain, hail, wind, flooding, condensation, fallen trees and other causes. Even if you've paid your premiums on time and been a responsible property owner, your insurer may not step up to the plate and help you the way you think it should. For instance, your claim might result in:

  • An outright denial based on your perceived eligibility
  • An underpayment that reflects factors like when you made the claim or the value of your losses
  • Process delays that leave you waiting overly long to repair your property

How can you secure cooperation from insurance companies that deem it in their best fiscal interest to pay you less, late or not at all? Talking to our Hollywood, Florida, lawyers may help. Our attorneys will manage your case personally to identify viable solutions as quickly as possible so you can count on your insurance to actually support you in your time of need.

What Determines A Claim's Outcome?

Many factors go into your insurance company's decision whether to provide benefits. For instance, the adjuster who assesses the damage might actively look for reasons to deny your claim. It's critical that you support your assertions with as much evidence as possible, which may include everything from weather reports and property photos to completed inspection lists from independent contractors.

Talk to The Rain Law Firm team by sending our lawyers a message today. You can also call 855-368-8956 or 855-330-RAIN to speak to us directly about your storm damage claim now. Whether you've sustained rain, wind, flooding or high water damage, our storm damage insurance claims lawyers represent your best interests so you can get the benefits you need to move on with your life.