Watch out for storm chasers

Storm chasers are people who go to a city that has recently suffered damage from a hurricane or another natural disaster and promise to repair buildings at a fraction of the cost. Some of these storm chasers seek to genuinely do good deeds, such as one man who recently ventured into North Carolina to help people impacted by Hurricane Florence. However, there are plenty of storm chasers just looking to make a quick buck while doing shoddy work. 

What is insurance bad faith?

Your home received significant water damage after the rainy season, so you do what any Florida resident would do – you make a claim with your insurance company and wait for the approval to go through so you can begin repairs. However, things do not exactly go according to plan, and weeks later you are still waiting for your insurance money. You may be the unwitting recipient of an insurance bad faith incident.

Water damage isn't always covered by insurance

While a hurricane making landfall in Florida is not uncommon, it is far from the only state that experiences flooding from a significant storm. Hurricane Florence caused as much as $30 billion in flood damage, but homeowners may not necessarily be reimbursed for damage caused to their homes. This is because standard homeowners policies do not cover flood damage. Instead, those who own a home must purchase a separate policy to cover flooding.

NFL player charged with drunk driving

Florida fans of the Los Angeles Rams may be surprised to learn that, after their 34-0 victory over the Arizona Cardinals on Sept. 16, their practice squad center was arrested and charged with DUI. Aaron Neary, 25, was arrested by police in Simi Valley, California, on the evening following the game, which he watched from the sidelines with fellow team members on the practice squad. At around 6:27 p.m., Simi Valley police began receiving calls and reports on its emergency line about an erratic driver in the area. Reportedly, callers said that it appeared that the driver may be operating his vehicle under the influence.

Hurricane damage may not be covered by insurance

Life in Florida or any other area graced with great natural beauty comes with obvious costs. Property values are high and continue to rise, and the cost of living, including homeowners insurance premiums, follow that pattern. Most people hope to never have to file a claim with their insurer, but if they do, they fully expect to be covered for their losses. Unfortunately, many homeowners find out only after the fact what their policy actually covers.

Home improvements could help with insurance premiums

Many things can have significant financial implications for homeowners. One is the level of their premiums for their homeowners’ insurance. So, reducing the amount of these premiums is something individuals may care about considerably.

3 ways to prevent residential flooding

Flooding is one of the most disastrous natural events that can strike your home. Water damage is difficult to repair, and in severe cases, it can gut your house from the inside out. In areas where heavy rains, hurricanes and flash floods are common, floods can be a common occurrence. It is important to understand the level of risk you face and plan accordingly to prevent your home from flooding.

Is it safe to salvage water-damaged items?

Floods and hurricanes can wreak havoc on your home and disrupt your entire life. In addition to the stress of an unstable living situation and filing your insurance claims, you may have to confront the pain of seeing valuables and family heirlooms damaged by the incident. Of course, you will want to make every effort to save these items and restore them to their original condition, but you may be wondering whether it is safe to do so. 

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