Flooding is one of the most disastrous natural events that can strike your home. Water damage is difficult to repair, and in severe cases, it can gut your house from the inside out. In areas where heavy rains, hurricanes and flash floods are common, floods can be a common occurrence. It is important to understand the level of risk you face and plan accordingly to prevent your home from flooding.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the U.S. flood insurance chief has identified Florida as a high-risk state. The following are some effective ways to mitigate this risk and prevent your home from flooding. Remember to plan in advance and be prepared for floods at any time. 

1. Raise home on piers

Some plans require more effort than others, and making structural alterations to your home is certainly not a quick fix. That said, it may be one of the most effective options, and it can significantly prevent the likelihood that your home becomes flooded. You can prevent flooding by raising the foundation of your home on piers or stilts. 

2. Apply sealants

An easier option you may consider is applying waterproof sealants to your home's exterior so that a barrier prevents flooding. This may not be as effective as lifting your home's structure, but it is still likely to be beneficial. There are a number of special coatings intended to prevent moisture from penetrating your home's exterior, and they may provide an effective defense against the accumulation of water. 

3. Install check valves

The pipes in your home can also be vulnerable to flooding. One of the best ways to combat this is to install check valves that allow water to only flow in one direction. These can work to prevent flooding by preventing backflow of flood waters and allowing for the removal of excess water. This prevents flooding the may happen as a result of overflowing pipes.

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