Several states consider lowering the legal BAC

To be in line with what the National Transportation Safety Board has been recommending for years, several states are seriously looking into lowering the legal blood alcohol content for motorists. Florida, like every other state, currently sets its BAC at 0.08. A driver arrested for allegedly driving with a higher BAC faces per se criminal charges based on the BAC alone. The proposed change would lower the legal limit to 0.05.

Common elements associated with bad faith insurance claims

Policyholders in Florida have the legal right to expect insurance companies to act in good faith when processing or investigating claims or making payments. This is because insurance companies often have the upper hand because of their vast resources, experience, firsthand knowledge of policy wording and negotiating strength. Should an insurance company fail to act in good faith, it may be possible for an affected policyholder to take appropriate legal action.

Companies ceased writing new policies as hurricane approached

As Hurricane Michael approached the state of Florida, insurers of homeowners stopped writing new policies. The last company to suspend policy writing was Citizens Property Insurance on Oct. 8. The company has around 443,000 customers.

Trip to ice cream store leads to DUI charges

A 23-year-old Florida man is likely regretting his decision to go out for some ice cream on the evening of Oct. 7. The Collier County resident has been charged with driving while under the influence, fraud and assaulting an emergency services worker. He is scheduled to appear in court to answer to the charges at the end of October.

Irma relief funds now available to Florida residents

Federal disaster relief funds are now being made available to low-income residents in areas badly hit by Hurricane Irma. The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity made the announcement in a Sept. 24 press release. The department also said that its Rebuild Florida center in Marathon is already helping eligible Floridians to register for the program online. The FDEO says that it plans to open several such centers in areas ravaged by the Category 4 storm.

Jayson Werth charged with DUI

Florida residents may know who Jayson Werth is from his time in Major League Baseball. In September, he agreed to a plea deal stemming from an April traffic stop in Scottsdale, Arizona. Werth was originally stopped because the car he was driving had an expired registration. At the time of the stop, he claimed that he didn't have a registration because the car was borrowed.

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