A 23-year-old Florida man is likely regretting his decision to go out for some ice cream on the evening of Oct. 7. The Collier County resident has been charged with driving while under the influence, fraud and assaulting an emergency services worker. He is scheduled to appear in court to answer to the charges at the end of October.

Workers at a Bonita Springs ice cream store said that they called the police when the man pulled up in a badly damaged Nissan Maxima and began acting strangely. They say that debris was falling off the sedan and its two front tires were flat. They also say that they smelled alcohol on the man when he came into the store to purchase ice cream. Deputies from the Collier County Sheriff's Office say the man fled the scene on foot when they arrived. However, the deputies allegedly discovered the man a short time later sitting in some nearby woods eating the ice cream he had just purchased.

According to deputies, the man refused to perform a series of field sobriety exercises and became hostile and belligerent as he was taken into custody. A firefighter claims that the man spit on him and bit his hand as he tried to administer medical treatment to calm him down. Deputies say that the man became increasingly uncooperative and hostile during the trip to a nearby detention facility to be processed on drunk driving charges.

Most criminal cases are resolved during plea discussions. Prosecutors are generally reluctant to reduce charges or penalties significantly when defendants have assaulted or acted disrespectfully toward emergency services workers, which is why experienced defense attorneys may advise their clients to be courteous and polite to law enforcement officers, paramedics and firefighters at all times.

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