Florida sees disastrous hurricanes every year. Hurricane Michael is the most recent, and insurance claims for that storm alone have already topped $2.1 billion.

Thousands of claims come in, and it is natural to want to see some results as quickly as possible. As soon as you file an insurance claim, there is a timeline you can generally follow, but you may require some assistance if the insurance company drags its feet. 

The insurance company should acknowledge you within 14 days

After you submit a claim, the state of Florida requires insurance companies to acknowledge receipt of that claim within two weeks. There may be circumstances beyond the company's control to respond in those 14 days, but that is rare. Within this communication, the insurance company should inform you of what steps to take next and any appropriate phone numbers you will need. 

The company then has 90 days to reach a decision

After the company has received a claim, the organization then needs to decide within 90 days. The company can either approve the claim, agree to only pay a portion of it or deny it. 

For an approval, the company needs to pay within a timely fashion

In the event the insurance company approves the claim, the organization then has 20 days to fulfill the payment. There may be cases where the insurance company fails to provide the money within 20 days. In that case, Florida law states the payment will include 12 percent interest. 

For a denial, you need to file an appeal promptly

When the insurance company denies the claim, you need to file an appeal right away. This will require you to review the documentation letter from the company, collect any additional information relevant to the claim and request an urgent care review if it applies to your situation. The insurance company will undergo an internal investigation and provide you with a response within 30 days. However, if you requested an urgent care review, then you should get an answer within 72 hours. 

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