Residents who live in Hollywood, Florida, and other areas impacted by Hurricane Michael know all too well the devastation that occurred during and after the storm passed. Some officials have compared the destruction to that of Hurricane Andrew, but there are others who believe that the damage only extends as far as the core destruction zone.

There hasn't been a final count of how many buildings and homes were damaged during Hurricane Michael. At least 1,600 different properties were taken off of county tax registers in recent weeks. There have been over 117,000 insurance claims filed, many that have already been closed so that residents can begin the process of rebuilding. An estimated $2.9 billion in damages has been assessed across Hollywood and surrounding areas. Most insurance companies have settled claims quickly, but resources in the state are strained.

Building materials are in high demand. Residents are looking for roofing materials as well as basic items to begin building their homes or repairing their homes. For many stores, shingles are on order, resulting in residents being put on waiting lists until they the materials arrive. Those who filed claims before others are receiving checks from insurance companies and are trying to find companies to perform their rebuilding needs. Unfortunately, the process is slow as supplies are limited and are sold faster than they arrive in stores.

Homeowners who have insurance claims can often file a claim soon after a natural disaster. When filing the claim, the company will examine the damage before making a decision about a final payment and whether outside assistance is available, such as temporary housing or a car rental. An attorney may be able to help if a homeowner's claim is denied.

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