When your Florida property sustains damage as a result of fire, flooding or other causes, you rely on your insurance company to pay your claim promptly so that you can start repairs. Delays and denials can set back this process and even increase the level of the damage due to the delay in repairs. 

Understanding some common reasons for insurance denials can help you with submitting a claim with a higher chance of effectiveness.

Alleging misrepresentation

Claimants can face a major problem when the insurance company accuses them of lying. Insurers will deny a claim if they believe it contains misrepresentations. Not only that, but they will even deny an otherwise valid claim if they state you submitted false information to them at any point. Generally, a false statement must also be material to justify canceling coverage; that is, knowing the truth in this matter would have led the insurance company to act differently, whether by refusing to offer you a policy at all or by offering different terms.

Failing to provide enough evidence

Another common issue is insufficient documentation for the claim. When gathering evidence to submit to your insurer, err on the side of including more information. Types of documentation may include pictures, videos, receipts, detailed written descriptions and anything else that helps show how the damage occurred and what it consisted of.

Missing deadlines and other technical problems

Your policy will typically contain instructions for submitting a claim, including deadlines. Start gathering your evidence as soon as possible, as missing the deadline or otherwise failing to comply with submission instructions can result in denial. If the submission instructions seem unclear, you may need to contact the insurance company for clarification.

Taking the next step

If you do receive a denial, it may not be the end of the line. An appeal may resolve the issue and allow you to seek the compensation you depend on. 

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