Some Hurricane Irma victims still battling insurance companies

The good news for most Florida homeowners with property that was damaged as a result of Hurricane Irma is that more than 90 percent of claims related to this devastating storm have been closed. However, the industry funded Insurance Information Institute reports that there are still thousands of Floridians wrangling with their insurance providers over filed claims related to Irma. One woman with a damaged roof, for instance, had to wait for more than a year to receive a satisfactory claim payment after initially receiving a lower payment that didn't fully cover the repair expenses.

Understanding first-time DUI charges in Florida

A driving under the influence (DUI) charge is what a Florida driver may face if they are pulled over for being suspected of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While each jurisdiction in The Sunshine State has procedures in place for first-time DUI charges, the process generally involves being arrested and spending some time in jail. Depending the circumstances involved, a judge may allow a charged individual to be released on bail as long as they agree to remain in the area until a scheduled hearing takes place.

Hurricane Michael changes Florida's financial outlook

In large part to Hurricane Michael, a projected Florida budget surplus for 2019-2020 is likely going to be reduced or disappear completely. Officials say that storm impacted a part of the state that was already facing economic problems before it hit. Generally speaking, the storm impacted rural areas that had higher rates of poverty. This is in contrast to Hurricane Irma, which hit parts of the state that officials say were likely better able to handle a large recovery effort.

Business owners face post-hurricane difficulties

Hurricane damage has been seriously devastating to many local Florida businesses, especially when their insurance policies delay or deny payments on their business insurance coverage. For businesses with significant exposure to the outdoors or impacted stock, hurricane damage can be particularly damaging. Golf courses are some local businesses that have been seriously affected by the results of the storm, especially when they are family owned, without the financing or support of a larger chain to fill in the gaps while waiting for insurance.

Drunk driving common among veterans

Florida veterans concerned about drunk driving charges should know they are not alone. According to a study by the American Addiction Centers, in recent years, both binge drinking and drunk driving have become far more common among the U.S. veteran population. The study looked closely at the reasons for the spike and determined that emotional and physical trauma is largely to blame for this type of substance abuse.

Homeowners lose out in insurance battles with contractors

Homeowners in Florida may be facing elevated insurance costs, a change linked to an insurance provision in the state called Assignment of Benefits, or AOB. According to experts, the elevated rates are not linked to increased payouts due to storms, floods or other homeowners' claims. Instead, AOB allows homeowners to transfer the rights to their benefits to a third party. In most cases, this third party such as a roofer or contractor accepts the assignment as payment for work on a damaged home.

What is the real value of your property damage?

You got your insurance policy so you would have enough money to replace everything you own in the event of property damage from a Florida natural disaster or other tragedy. Yet now that you have filed your claim, the insurance company is not offering you as much money as you thought you would get. Why?

Florida man charged with DUI thought police car was an Uber

A 40-year-old Florida man who was taken into custody for DUI on the evening of Nov. 24 thought the patrol car taking him to jail was an Uber ride, according to media reports. Lee County Sheriff's Office deputies say that the man's evening took a turn for the worse when he rear-ended a car that was waiting at a red light near Cape Coral.

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