Hurricane damage has been seriously devastating to many local Florida businesses, especially when their insurance policies delay or deny payments on their business insurance coverage. For businesses with significant exposure to the outdoors or impacted stock, hurricane damage can be particularly damaging. Golf courses are some local businesses that have been seriously affected by the results of the storm, especially when they are family owned, without the financing or support of a larger chain to fill in the gaps while waiting for insurance.

Hurricane Michael brought 140 mph bursts of wind to Florida areas, even those relatively distant from the Gulf of Mexico. Homes and businesses had protective plywood torn from the exteriors, windows and doors damaged or torn off and significant structural damage. For days and weeks after the storm, communities had no electricity or running water and even limited mobile phone services. At one golf course alone, nearly 5,000 trees were lost as a result of the storm, and the owners needed to pay $100 for each removal, amounting to a large percentage of annual revenues. While business insurance coverage can address building damage, many policies don't provide reimbursement for trees brought down in a storm.

Even property insurance claims have faced difficulties due to some insurers' practices. When a commercial property is damaged or unusable, the business may not only suffer the immediate results of the storm but also the compounding effects of closure. Despite these local businesses' reliance on insurance funds to rebuild, many insurers may delay or deny business insurance claims.

In some cases, insurance companies may fail or refuse to conduct a detailed investigation or disregard the evidence provided by their client. An insurance attorney may help business owners with unsatisfied commercial property insurance claims take action to receive the compensation they deserve under their policies.

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