A 40-year-old Florida man who was taken into custody for DUI on the evening of Nov. 24 thought the patrol car taking him to jail was an Uber ride, according to media reports. Lee County Sheriff's Office deputies say that the man's evening took a turn for the worse when he rear-ended a car that was waiting at a red light near Cape Coral.

The accident took place at approximately 6:15 p.m. at the intersection of Summerlin Road and Pine Ridge Road. When LCSO deputies arrived at the scene and asked the man to produce his driver's license, they say he handed them a hotel key instead. He is also said to have told deputies that he did not remember crashing.

The man's arrest report indicates that he refused to submit to a breath test at the scene and was taken into custody after failing to adequately complete a series of field sobriety exercises. Deputies say that the man believed he was being taken by an Uber driver to his hotel as he was being transported to an LCSO facility for processing. He is scheduled to appear in court to answer drunk driving charges on Dec. 10. An LCSO representative says that the man has been taken into custody by deputies five times in the last year.

Drivers in Florida who refuse to submit to toxicology examinations after being apprehended for drunk driving face a mandatory driving suspension of at least one year under the state's implied consent law. Their refusal may also be used against them in the ensuing DUI case and could make negotiating a favorable plea agreement more difficult for their lawyers. This is why experienced criminal defense attorneys will generally encourage their clients to cooperate with authorities.

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