The Florida Division of Emergency Management has been ordered by the state's governor to get money quickly to areas impacted by Hurricane Michael. The governor also said that he was going to push federal officials to further reimburse the state for costs related to cleanup efforts. The federal government is expected to reimburse about 75 percent of those costs. However, Florida's governor is going to ask that this figure be increased to 90 percent.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency administrator, the government shutdown was not expected to hinder relief efforts.He also said that the recovery effort should be expected to take years instead of months. However, the FEMA representative did say that progress had been made. It is estimated that the storm caused about 20 million cubic tons of debris when it went through Mexico Beach.

Hurricane Irma created only about 2 million cubic tons of debris in its wake. Insured losses in the aftermath of the storm have so far totaled roughly $5 billion. There have been 141,039 insurance claims, and of those claims, 73 percent had been closed. Among claims that had been closed, 84 percent resulted in a policyholder receiving compensation. The state's CFO has asked that claims be closed as quickly as possible to avoid homeowner frustration.

Those who have a hurricane wind damage claim or a similar insurance claim denied may be able to appeal the decision. Homeowners may do so with the help of an attorney. An attorney may be able to review the claim to determine if an individual was the victim of an improper denial. If an individual was improperly denied compensation, legal counsel may be able to help get the denial reversed.

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