Major Hurricane Matthew insurance claim reaches settlement

Commercial property damage claims can be complex and expensive affairs. But in the case of a Florida condominium complex, the damage claim reached new levels, including federal litigation. The condo owners in Ormond Beach recently brought an end to the litigation nightmare and returned to some form of normalcy.

Drunk driving is dangerous, but avoidable with planning

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has increased efforts tied to its Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign. The campaign has been running in Florida and across the country to remind people not to drink and drive. Law enforcement agencies nationwide are involved in the campaign to crack down on drunk drivers. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is also promoting it Power of Youth program, which is designed to help teenagers say no to drinking and not to get into vehicles with drunk drivers.

Florida legislature considers changes to homeowners' insurance

When Florida homes are severely damaged by storms or other events, the restoration process can be extremely frustrating for all parties involved. Homeowners want the damage repaired as soon as possible regardless of the amount of funds readily available to cover the costs. However, contractors are often reluctant to begin the job until they receive assurance that they will be paid in a timely fashion once the job is complete.

Why homeowners insurance is important

In Florida, homeowners pay an average of $3,575 each year for home insurance. In most cases, those who are seeking a home loan will need to purchase homeowners insurance as a condition of obtaining financing. A good homeowners insurance policy can protect both a lender as well as a homeowner if a property is damaged by fire, wind or any other cause. While water damage may be covered, flood insurance is separate from homeowners insurance.

2 problems people have with insurance companies

There are two main ways you could have a problem with an insurance company in Florida. The first is that the insurer could deny your claim for some unstated or unclear reasons. The second is that your policy could be written in such a way that you do not get the coverage you expected or that you need.

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