As someone currently facing a driving under the influence charge in Florida, it makes sense that you may feel uneasy and nervous about the penalties you could potentially face when you have your day in court. As you can imagine, even a first-time DUI can land you in serious hot water and cost you considerable time and expense, and, unfortunately, your wallet will likely continue to take a hit even after you get your license back.

Why? According to, no matter where you live in the state or nation, you can pretty much count on a DUI raising your automotive insurance rates. So, just how much more money will you need to come up with for insurance coverage in the aftermath of a drunk driving conviction?

Steep insurance hikes for Florida drivers

As a Florida motorist without a DUI on your driving record, you can anticipate paying about $2,250 annually for automotive insurance coverage. However, once you have a DUI in your driving history, you can expect to see this figure rise to about $3,614 per year, which is an annual difference of $1,364.

While it may prove difficult to pay for auto insurance that is more than 60% higher than what you once paid, you may find that you face other challenges in terms of finding an insurer to cover you at all. Some insurance companies prefer not to extend any kind of automotive insurance coverage to drivers who have histories of drunk driving, so you may need to confer with several different providers before finding one willing to cover you.

Florida DUI can make for a serious hit to your wallet and savings, and license suspensions and related repercussions can make it even more difficult for you to earn the money necessary to pay off your fines and other related expenses. For many DUI offenders, getting their licenses back is the first step toward getting their finances back in order, but the challenge of finding affordable auto insurance can make doing so increasingly difficult. 

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