If you are a Florida business owner, it might seem as if nothing can be worse than dealing with insurance claims for property damage. When claims are delayed or denied, businesses might risk going under. It is important for you to know what to do if your insurance company is dragging its feet or has wrongfully denied your claim.

Your insurance company might deny your claim because it alleges that you failed to file it in time or that what you claimed for was not covered by the policy. It might also allege that you committed fraud even though you did everything that you were supposed to do.

You are able to appeal the decision of your insurance company. If your insurance company engaged in bad faith in its denial of your claim, you may also be able to file a lawsuit against it. Some examples of bad faith include unfairly delaying your benefits, misrepresenting or omitting facts, ignoring evidence, or failing to investigate your claim in a thorough manner. When insurance companies deny claims in bad faith, it can cause serious harm to businesses or force them to go under.

At the Rain Law Firm, our experienced lawyers assist commercial property owners with their property damage claims in Florida and across the nation. We aggressively work to protect our clients' interests and work to resolve their claims as quickly as possible so that they can resume their business operations. If it is necessary, our lawyers file bad faith insurance claims against insurance companies that have acted improperly in investigating and denying claims. In some cases, insurance companies back down when they see that their insureds are represented and have well-documented evidence to support their claims. If you have a commercial property damage claim and believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith, you might want to read more on our commercial property claims page.

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