Drunk driving is a serious offense in Florida, and the state’s penalties for driving under the influence are some of the most stringent in the country. Even first-time offenders will face jail time, fines, driver’s license revocations and additional penalties, all of which can make day-to-day life increasingly difficult to manage. In other words, the results of the breath test you take when authorities stop you can impact numerous aspects of your life. It is unfortunate that so many outside factors can impact the accuracy of Breathalyzer devices.

Just what types of factors can cause false Breathalyzer readings?

1. Electronic interference

When law enforcement officers pull you over, they are probably using police radios to communicate with dispatchers. These and other electronic communications and signals, however, can potentially throw off the results of your breath test, leading to a falsely elevated reading. Nearby cellphone towers are another example of a potential source of electronic interference.

2. Poor or infrequent calibration

Breathalyzers must take extremely precise measurements. To do so, they need to undergo regular and careful calibration. A Breathalyzer device that does not undergo timely and proper calibration is not reliable for producing accurate results. This is one of the more common reasons courts sometimes choose not to consider breath test results.

3. Blood or vomit in your mouth

In some instances, people facing drunk driving charges have questioned the validity of their breath tests because they had blood or vomit in their mouths at the time they blew into a Breathalyzer. Both substances have the capacity to possibly impact results and lead to falsely high readings.

While these are some of the key factors that can affect Breathalyzer accuracy, there are others, too, that can do so. If you face a drunk driving charge and believe the results of the breath test are inaccurate, one or more of these factors could be to blame. 

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