Florida homeowners and others who have been impacted by a major weather event may need to file an insurance claim afterward. Filing an insurance claim can be easier by taking action before the storm such as talking with an insurance agent. This can help a person determine if they are covered for wind, rain or other types of damage that could occur. Furthermore, individuals should take pictures or videos of their homes before the storm hits.

Doing so may make it easier to prove that a car or an item inside of the house was damaged during the storm itself. Homeowners may also want to take steps to protect the house against damage. This may include trimming tree branches, putting shutters on windows or using glass that is impervious to damage during a hurricane. Those who are in the path of a major storm should decide ahead of time whether to stay or leave.

If a person chooses to stay, he or she should have the resources to live without electricity or clean water for several days. Ideally, individuals in the path of a storm will have an emergency kit that contains food, water and medical supplies. Anyone who chooses to leave should be sure to take insurance and other important documents with them.

An insurance company may deny a homeowners liability insurance claim. If that happens, a homeowner may be able to appeal the decision or take the insurance company to court. An attorney may help with this process, and he or she may take steps to obtain the compensation that a policyholder might be entitled to under the terms of the policy. One of these steps might be to review those terms and use them as evidence in court or during private talks.

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