Living in Florida inherently comes with the risk of experiencing a hurricane at one time or another. These storms can cause significant damage to homes, so it's important for homeowners to protect their financial interests with insurance. This should be one of the first steps newcomers to the state make, especially if they are moving during hurricane season. A storm can happen at almost any point in the season, so being prepared is essential.

Insurance that protects homeowners against hurricanes should have a few important qualities. It should provide coverage if the roof or shingles get blown off, and it should cover the home being damaged by a neighbor's belongings, such as lawn chairs or tables. The policy should also cover damage done by tornadoes as they can spawn inside hurricanes and tropical storms. Some hurricane insurance policies are referred to as wind insurance.

Hurricane insurance is typically more expensive along the coasts, especially in South Florida, than it is inland. This is due to the most damaging elements in a storm happening by the water. It's a good idea for people to shop around to find a policy that covers as many types of damage as possible. Homeowners should set aside money for the policy's deductible before a storm hits so that they can get their property repaired as quickly as possible.

When a major storm makes landfall, widespread damage can cause thousands or perhaps millions of homeowners to file insurance claims at the same time. In some cases, the insurance company will deny a claim wrongfully, and it's the homeowners right to fight the decision. An attorney may help clients with denied homeowners' insurance claims by recommending a legal course of action that represents their best interests.

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