In 2008, the cost of hail damage caused by thunderstorms in states like Florida nearly doubled to $19 billion per year. Every year after that, costs have remained high, but the insurance industry doesn't understand the cause. According to one industry analyst, there are several possible weather-related and socioeconomic causes that may explain this phenomenon. The biggest mystery is why the numbers spiked in 2008 in particular rather than gradually rising over time.

In places where thunderstorms are more common, many people are moving into the suburbs and exurbs. This could simply mean that there are more things for hail to hit. In addition, a few of the years following 2008 had some noteworthy severe weather outbreaks, including a tornado outbreak across the south that caused hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars worth of wind, flood, and hail damage.

Another possible explanation for the rise in hail damage costs is people buying more expensive things to get damaged. According to some insurance experts, however, more expensive items should coincide with a rise in premiums. Rises in claim costs are far outweighing rises in premiums. The part of the United States most heavily affected by these increases is the Northern Great Plains down through Texas.

Victims of extensive hail damage or other types of severe weather activity sometimes have trouble getting their claims approved by their insurance company. When this happens, it's a good idea for victims to seek representation from an attorney who works on homeowners' insurance claims. They may be able to determine if the insurance company is violating the terms of the contract and recommend a legal course of action for their client. Sometimes an insurance company will reverse their decision, but filing a lawsuit is necessary in some circumstances.

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