You work hard for the things you have in life. Whether you collect fine art, love comfortable furniture or simply have an eclectic blend of belongings, you probably feel like you are intimately familiar with your things. Still, if you must file an insurance claim, are you confident that you can identify everything you own? 

Like your neighbors, you probably pay a significant amount in home insurance premiums every year. In fact, on average, Florida homeowners pay more for insurance than residents of any other state. When you file a claim, you want to be certain you receive compensation for all your damages. Creating a home inventory is an effective way to collect your fair share. If you are having trouble cataloging the items in your home, try the following tactics.

Start small 

Trying to identify and document everything in your home can be daunting. Fortunately, you can tackle the job over time. Rather than delaying your inventory forever, start with a small room or contained area. Once you make progress in a certain place, you may find the motivation you need to inventory the rest of your dwelling. 

Use technology 

Gone are the days when homeowners created a written narrative to describe their belongings. With modern technology, you can snap photographs of everything you own. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you use technology, though, be sure to save a copy of all digital files in a safe place away from your residence or on the cloud. 

Stay current 

Whether you love to shop or only buy new things occasionally, you do not want your home inventory to become obsolete. Therefore, after you finish cataloging your home, try to stay current with new purchases. When you bring additional items into your house, add them to your inventory immediately. 

Trying to remember what you had in your home after a flood or other disaster can be tremendously difficult. With a comprehensive inventory of your belongings, you have a head start on pursuing compensation for your damages.

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