In the time since Hurricane Irma struck Florida in 2017, the National Flood Insurance Program, run through FEMA, has paid out over $1 billion in flood insurance claims. Over 21,900 claims were made by policyholders, including Florida homeowners and business owners, who suffered property damage as a result of flooding caused by Irma. The devastation caused by the major storm inspired state officials to once again encourage residents to ensure that they have flood insurance for their properties lest they face additional damages from another storm.

There are more NFIP policies in Florida than in any other state in the country. A FEMA representative in the state said that buying flood insurance is an important step to prepare for potential hurricanes, especially as traditional homeowner's insurance does not cover flood damage even though other types of hurricane damage claims are included. They also urged people to buy their policies early as insurance often takes 30 days after purchase to become effective. Over a typical 30-year mortgage period, homes in areas zoned as high-risk for flooding have a 25% chance of experiencing flood damage. People in communities participating in NFIP can sign up for these policies.

Of course, flood insurance policies are generally cheaper for homes considered low risk than those facing a higher threat of serious flood damage. Insurance brokers and companies licensed by the state can sell flood insurance policies as well as other types of insurance. These are often the only types of policies that can pay out for the serious damages caused by water during a major storm.

Some homeowners are still waiting for payouts for other types of hurricane damage, especially if their insurers deny or delay the claim. An insurance law attorney may work to help people receive the compensation they deserve after suffering serious storm damages.

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