While Florida residents who lived through Hurricane Michael are deeply aware of the extent of the damages caused by the storm, many people outside the region do not realize how much the hurricane continues to impact the lives of people in the area. Residents who continue to deal with cleanup, debris and unpaid insurance claims are angry at the lack of support they are receiving as well as the limited attention paid to the lingering effects of the storm. According to a survey of 1,000 Florida voters across the state, only 57% knew that continuing damages from Hurricane Michael continue to harm areas impacted by the hurricane.

Because the Panhandle was the hardest-hit location, it is perhaps unsurprising that people in Northwest Florida tend to know more about the damages caused by the storm. While only 41% of people in the southeastern part of the state knew about the ongoing damage, 85% did in the northwest. Rebuild 850, the organization that conducted the survey, said that state residents do not realize how many people remain in need as a result of the hurricane. They also said that people in the affected areas continue to deal with homelessness, poverty and unemployment exacerbated by the storm.

Many areas hit hard by the hurricane still need extensive cleanup. Despite a record of on-time payments, many homeowners have faced denials or delays in paying out their hurricane damage claims. Blue tarps and debris are still a familiar site in the affected area. However, almost half of all Floridians said that they would not consider supporting any hurricane relief efforts.

Many homeowners continue to struggle with much-needed repairs due to denied or delayed homeowners' insurance claims. People who are dealing with a recalcitrant insurance company may work with an insurance law attorney to pursue the benefits they deserve.

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