You may think you have coverage for anything that could possibly happen to your home. However, you need to take note to make sure you have both water and flooding damage coverage. Although they sound similar, the latter deals with burst pipes and water leaking from appliances in your home while the former typically encompasses water flooding the nearby area that reaches your house. 

For Florida residents, it is paramount to have both coverages just in case. You should review your homeowner's insurance policy because many of them do not come with flood coverage. You may think you are all right in the event of a burst pipe, but there are circumstances wherein the insurance company could deny your claim. You should be aware of the common reasons why companies deny these claims, so you can do everything in your power to circumvent them.  

1. Normal wear and tear on the pipes

Insurance companies expect homeowners to take adequate care of their property. That should include hiring a plumber every so often to inspect the pipes to ensure they are in good condition. When homeowners fail to maintain these pipes, insurance companies can use it as an excuse to deny the claim. The reasoning behind this is that you should have taken better care of your home, so the burst pipe is ultimately on you. 

2. Wear and tear on appliances connected to the pipes

You also need to make sure you take adequate care of appliances that rely on piping, such as dishwashers and laundry machines. A pipe could burst due to a malfunction with one of these items, and again, the responsibility falls on you to care for these appliances. The best course of action is to hire someone to examine and repair minor issues at least once annually. Keep a record of this maintenance, so you can show your insurance company you did everything within your power to avoid a burst pipe. 

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