A 66-year-old man who reached a plea deal on a DUI manslaughter charge was sentenced to up to five years in prison by a Florida judge. He will also have to spend up to 18 months on probation after he is released. However, the probation period can be reduced to 12 months if the defendant complies with all of its terms imposed upon him. Furthermore, there is a chance that he could be released from prison after completing 85% of his sentence.

The sentence was the result of a plea deal reached after discussions between representatives from the defense, the prosecution and the victim's family. As a result of the plea deal, charges of DUI and DUI causing property damage were dropped. Although the man could have received up to 15 years in prison, the lack of a criminal record likely played a role in how the plea was structured.

Individuals who are charged with felony drunk driving may be required to spend time in prison, on probation or both. Other penalties may also be levied as part of a plea deal or sentence handed down by a judge. An attorney may be able to help an individual obtain a favorable plea deal in a DUI case. There is also a chance that a person could be acquitted by a jury.

In seeking the best possible outcome for a defendant, legal counsel may point to the lack of a prior criminal record. Legal counsel might also talk up the relationship between the defendant and any victims in a given matter. A judge may decide to take the wishes of a victim's family into account when determining a sentence. If the family wants leniency, a defendant may spend little or no time in jail or prison.

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