Florida officials are convening public events in order to assist Hurricane Michael victims who are struggling with denied insurance claims or delayed payouts. The category five hurricane devastated many homes and businesses in Florida with high winds and torrential rain damaging roofs, bringing down trees and shattering windows. Despite the massive damage inflicted by the storm, some Florida homeowners have not yet received an insurance payment despite filing claims. The state's Chief Financial Officer is holding a series of Insurance Village events to promote better communication between hurricane victims and insurance companies.

Some of the homeowners attending the event reported successful resolutions of their insurance claims. Still, some said that they had to wait many months or even a year to receive their check despite faithfully paying their homeowners' insurance premiums. Other homeowners said that they are still waiting for action on their claims. Some complained of poor service from adjusters who had visited their property to review the claims. The successful homeowners encouraged others to keep fighting to get the compensation they need.

There were 22 insurance companies attending the event; they met with 144 customers and cut $631,000 worth of payment checks at one August 2019 Insurance Village event. Some insurers say that the delays in paying out claims are because claims are being made by outside contractors rather than the homeowners. Some homeowners said that they seemed to face excessive skepticism and attempts to drive down their claims despite the widely recognized impact of the hurricane. Insurance Village events are moving forward in an attempt to resolve more claims.

Florida homeowners who have suffered hurricane damage losses need their insurance payouts to rebuild their lives. People facing denied or delayed homeowners' insurance claims may consult with an attorney about their options to get the funds they need.

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