Best practices for submitting a fire damage claim

Florida residents who experience fire damage to their property may be entitled to compensation from an insurance company. However, insurance providers may try to minimize their liability or how much they actually pay out to their customers. Therefore, it is important to file a claim as quickly as possible and provide as much detail as possible when doing so. It is also important to get the insurance company to process and resolve the claim quickly.

A homeowner's guide to flood insurance

Many Florida residents live in areas that may be particularly prone to flooding. Some areas of the state are known as Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHA), while other areas may still be prone to flooding even if they are not classified as such. As many homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood damage, it may be important for people to obtain flood protection of their own. Of course, even having coverage in place does not always ensure that a homeowner will have an easy time in case of a flood. Many homeowners struggle to obtain the compensation they deserve after their residences were damaged in a flood.

Filing hurricane insurance claims

Homeowners in Florida and around coastal areas are typically aware of the risks posed by hurricanes and tropical storms. While many of these individuals have taken steps to protect their homes against possible damage caused by severe weather, home damage is going to be a reality for those living in the path of a hurricane. In some cases, this damage can be severe and render a property uninhabitable.

Florida homeowners await possible hurricane damage

Many homeowners in Florida are concerned about the potential effects of Hurricane Dorian. Major storms have done significant damage to homes up and down the Florida coast in recent years. Driving rain, floods, wind and more have damaged windows, roofs and the entire structure of some homes. When homeowners face damages related to a storm, they rely on their homeowners' insurance company to cover the costs of rebuilding and repairing the damage. At the same time, many people continue to face delayed or denied claims from earlier storms even as they raise concerns about the potential effects of Dorian and other 2019 storms.

What to do following a flood insurance claim denial

Having your home flood can be an unnerving experience, and in some cases, you stand to lose a lot more than just items of sentimental value. If you file a flood claim with your insurance company and the company, in turn, denies that claim, it could throw your finances into a tailspin, costing you a substantial amount of money on repairs, asset replacements and more.

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