Many homeowners in Florida are concerned about the potential effects of Hurricane Dorian. Major storms have done significant damage to homes up and down the Florida coast in recent years. Driving rain, floods, wind and more have damaged windows, roofs and the entire structure of some homes. When homeowners face damages related to a storm, they rely on their homeowners' insurance company to cover the costs of rebuilding and repairing the damage. At the same time, many people continue to face delayed or denied claims from earlier storms even as they raise concerns about the potential effects of Dorian and other 2019 storms.

Across the state, emergency responders, state officials and local homeowners are taking steps to protect themselves in case of serious damage. While Dorian may pose a risk to Florida, it could take a route that leads it elsewhere up the coast. Still, hurricane season remains a major threat, and there are other serious storms on the horizon. If the storm reaches Category 4 status, it could be accompanied by winds of up to 140 mph, capable of serious destructive force. Prior to the storm's arrival, Florida's governor declared a state of emergency in all 67 Florida counties.

One company estimated that if the storm surge was significant, there could be up to $144.6 billion in reconstruction costs throughout the state. Because hurricanes have such force propelling them, the damage to both residential and business properties can be substantial. Other economic analysts warned of the effect on the insurance industry.

When homes are damaged in a storm, homeowners expect to turn to their insurance companies for reliable service on their homeowners' insurance claims. However, some insurance companies aim to delay or deny paying out for hurricane damage. Homeowners fighting for the compensation they deserve may consult with an attorney for assistance.

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