Having your home flood can be an unnerving experience, and in some cases, you stand to lose a lot more than just items of sentimental value. If you file a flood claim with your insurance company and the company, in turn, denies that claim, it could throw your finances into a tailspin, costing you a substantial amount of money on repairs, asset replacements and more.

Before you panic, note that there are certain actions you can take in the wake of a flood insurance claim denial while you prepare to file an appeal. Some of these actions have tight timelines, so act quickly when pursuing an appeal to make sure you do not blow important deadlines and miss your chance entirely. If your insurance company denies your Florida flood claim, be sure to do the following.

Identify whether your denial was valid

The more you understand about your insurance policy, the better your chances are at filing a successful appeal after a denied claim. Insurers deny many flood claims for similar reasons, so before you move forward with your appeal, ask yourself several questions:

  • Did you file the claim within 30 days of purchasing your flood insurance policy?
  • Did your flood damage happen because of pre-existing damage?
  • Did you miss any filing deadlines?

If you answer "no" to all of these questions, you may have valid grounds for an appeal.

Work your way up the chain of command

When your insurer denies your claim, it should send you written correspondence detailing why it chose to do so. Within 60 days of receiving this correspondence, you should contact your adjuster about anything you dispute. If you are not satisfied after speaking with this person, ask to speak with his or her supervisor, and if that, too, proves fruitless, you can try to get in touch with your insurer's claim representative. You may also decide to notify the Federal Emergency Management Agency about your situation at this point.

Remember, insurance companies typically want to pay out as little as possible, so you cannot count on your insurance company to protect your best interests.

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