Homeowners feel forgotten after Hurricane Michael

Florida residents affected by Hurricane Michael continue to feel forgotten one year later according to interviews with northern homeowners hit hard by the storm. Thousands of people continue to lack permanent shelter, relying on hotel rooms, trailers and even tents, while many more have fled the area due to the devastation. Others are locked in battles with insurance companies over their much-needed payouts to cover the costs of the intensive repairs required for their homes. The damage is not restricted to private homes; schools and other public buildings have been replaced by portable rooms and trailers in many impacted communities.

Three reasons insurance claims are denied after a fire

House fires in Florida can cause complete destruction of homes and can leave families struggling. These fires start for many reasons, including accidents, fireplaces, and faulty electrical issues. Insurance companies will receive a report from the local fire department and perform their own investigation before paying out any claims. Here are some common reasons why insurance companies deny claims related to fires.

Grant to help hard-hit town with hurricane recovery

One Florida town will receive relief funding to cover first responder costs almost a year after Hurricane Michael hit landfall nearby. Mexico Beach will receive a $1.1 million grant, announced by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The funds will go to support law enforcement operations and the Mexico Beach Fire Department. The grant comes as as part of $25 million in state funds that will be used to support areas affected by Hurricane Michael. In the small town of Mexico Beach, the annual budget is $1.5 million dollars. Costs related to debris alone were $60 million in the community.

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