One Florida town will receive relief funding to cover first responder costs almost a year after Hurricane Michael hit landfall nearby. Mexico Beach will receive a $1.1 million grant, announced by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The funds will go to support law enforcement operations and the Mexico Beach Fire Department. The grant comes as as part of $25 million in state funds that will be used to support areas affected by Hurricane Michael. In the small town of Mexico Beach, the annual budget is $1.5 million dollars. Costs related to debris alone were $60 million in the community.

The governor said that the funds can enable the fire department to continue to operate after its resources were expended in post-hurricane recovery. Municipalities across the state are struggling to deal with hurricane damage and fund recovery efforts. Many areas continue to suffer from damaged buildings and homes, and people have left the area due to a lack of proper housing and escalating costs. Many local homeowners are also struggling with their own insurance companies denying or delaying payouts on hurricane damage claims.

The town's fire chief started only days before Hurricane Michael made landfall there as a Category 5 storm. Residents said that the town has faced serious, ongoing devastation that has changed the community, especially as people leave town and do not return. In addition, the Bay County Sheriff's Office will be providing law enforcement services for the town, and Mexico Beach police can apply there for employment. Others worried that the hurricane has been largely forgotten, even as people continue to deal with the aftermath.

Some Florida residents face insurance companies that repeatedly delay their homeowners' insurance claims, forcing them to rack up unreimbursed repair bills. People dealing with a recalcitrant insurance company can consult with an attorney about their options.

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