Homeowners insurance is typically an integral part of owning a house. It is a requirement under most circumstances when obtaining a mortgage.

In Florida, insurance is even more critical given the rash of storms that unleash their fury on residents. The safety net insurance may provide applies to many different scenarios that may occur. Take a moment to read up on the three most common types of claims homeowners file.

1. Hail and wind damage

Hail can come as a result of a storm, or it may occur on a perfectly sunny day. This weather phenomenon causes chunks of ice to rain down. The first obstacle these icy heaps often meet is the roof of a home. Depending on the size of hail, it can cause a decent amount of damage to shingles and may necessitate a roof replacement. Wind damage may also result in shingle loss or damage. It can also cause a tree to come down on the house. The top causes of insurance claims include hail and wind damage.

2. Lightning strikes and fires

Lightning is nothing to take lightly. It can streak out of the sky and hit structures and people miles away from a storm. Lightning striking a tree can cause it to split and tumble down. The other consequence of a lightning strike is it may spark a fire. If the home is not a complete loss, an insurance claim may remedy the damage caused by fires by restoring those sections affected by the flames.

3. Water and plumbing damage

The third most common insurance claim has to do with water damage. You may believe this only applies to damage caused by storms, and while this is one reason to file a claim, it is not the only one. Plumbing breaks can happen without warning, causing water to seep up through the foundation, out through walls or down from attics. Thus, faulty plumbing or breaks may warrant a claim for the insurance company to rectify.

Homeowners insurance may help save you the stress and hassle of paying large sums to repair damage to your house. When facing a sizeable insurance claim, it is not unreasonable to seek help from an attorney.


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