House fires in Florida can cause complete destruction of homes and can leave families struggling. These fires start for many reasons, including accidents, fireplaces, and faulty electrical issues. Insurance companies will receive a report from the local fire department and perform their own investigation before paying out any claims. Here are some common reasons why insurance companies deny claims related to fires.

If the fire was caused because of some type of illegal activity, like manufacturing drugs, the claim may be denied. An individual who owns a property and has tenants would want to include the prohibition of these and other illegal activities in their lease agreement. They may also want to inspect the property on a regular basis in order to look for hints that the tenants are engaging in these types of activities.

An insurance company may deny a claim if the cause of the fire was related to electrical work done in the home that was not permitted by the local government. One example would be a person who buys a home and later finds out that the previous owner did electrical work on the home without getting the right inspections and permits. If a fire occurs, the claim could be denied if it is possible to prove that the fire occurred because of faulty electrical wiring that was done by the previous owner.

Fire insurance claim denials may also occur if the insurance company feels that the claim contained fraudulent information. A person may contact an insurance attorney in order to get advice about proving that the claim was true and no fraudulent activity took place. The attorney may be able to provide other legal advice, help file paperwork, and even represent their client in court if it is necessary.

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