Anyone who owns a house in Florida needs to have homeowner's insurance. However, there are numerous insurance companies, and you need to do your due diligence to ensure you receive a policy that works.

Following a hurricane, insurance companies can be slow to respond. To stand the best chance of receiving a payout if you ever need one, you need to do research and look into every insurance company available to you. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself ahead of time. 

"Do I live in a high-risk zone?"

Some areas in Florida are in high-risk zones. These are cities and towns particularly susceptible to hurricanes and storms. Additionally, your house may fall into a high-risk zone if you live far away from a fire station. If you do fall into this category, then you need to ensure you get a comprehensive policy because you have a higher chance of needing it eventually. 

"How much are my personal belongings worth?"

Your homeowner's insurance policy should cover your house, but it also needs to cover your possessions. You want to consider the value of everything you own, including cars and jewelry. This will let you know how much coverage you need, especially if you own a lot of valuables that a hurricane could damage. 

"Does this house have a history of insurance claims for damage?"

Before purchasing a new house, request documentation from the previous owner to see whether he or she had to file insurance claims in the past. This paperwork should show you what the claim was for, whether it was hurricanes, sinkholes or fires. This documentation should reveal whether everything received full repairs. It will be easier to insure a home that has not sustained damage in the past compared to one that constantly needs claims. 

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