Homeowners feel forgotten after Hurricane Michael

Florida residents affected by Hurricane Michael continue to feel forgotten one year later according to interviews with northern homeowners hit hard by the storm. Thousands of people continue to lack permanent shelter, relying on hotel rooms, trailers and even tents, while many more have fled the area due to the devastation. Others are locked in battles with insurance companies over their much-needed payouts to cover the costs of the intensive repairs required for their homes. The damage is not restricted to private homes; schools and other public buildings have been replaced by portable rooms and trailers in many impacted communities.

Filing hurricane insurance claims

Homeowners in Florida and around coastal areas are typically aware of the risks posed by hurricanes and tropical storms. While many of these individuals have taken steps to protect their homes against possible damage caused by severe weather, home damage is going to be a reality for those living in the path of a hurricane. In some cases, this damage can be severe and render a property uninhabitable.

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